MADISON (WKOW) – Cleaning up all of the snow and ice may be tough for your fitness, and if a person you already know goes into cardiac arrest, it may take several minutes for first responders to reach.

That’s why SSM Health, UW Health, UnityPoint Health Meriter, Madison Fire and Dane County are all encouraging humans to download PulsePoint. It’s an unfastened app for Android and iPhone that indicators human beings within 1 / 4-mile radius of a 911 call of a person in cardiac arrest. Those humans are then able to get there and begin performing CPR earlier than first responders arrive.

“If their coronary heart is stopped, it’s going to take into a few minutes to get first responders on the scene,” said SSM Health EMS Regional Coordinator Stephanie Lehmann. “During that point, their brain isn’t always profusing.”

Lehmann says bystanders can act in that time to help keep someone’s lifestyles.

“Say your neighbor two or three houses down is out shoveling and sadly suffers a cardiac event,” she said. “If you are out in that vicinity, it can ping your phone and direct you as to in which they’re, and you could be there inside moments and begin compressions till first responders arrive.”

The app has been available in Dane County for a while, but the new partnership among the five Dane County groups is designed to push humans to download the app. After downloading, customers must manually upload “Dane County EMS/Fire” to their listing of organizations.

“We are making a massive push to attempt to get 10,000 people registered with the PulsePoint app and the CPR feature turned on,” Lehmann stated.

The app is loose, so the most effective requirement is understanding CPR. Tuesday, SSM Health gave a CPR refresher course, education human beings how to do chest compressions within the hallway of St. Mary’s Hospital.

Participants discovered the right strain and rhythm for compressions, which can be to the beat of songs like Stayin’ Alive or even Baby Shark.

It didn’t take long for humans to find out how to correctly supply CPR and get the app properly set up on their phones.

“Download the app and join up to be a citizen superhero,” Lehmann stated.

The refresher direction burdened that you have to begin compressions as soon as you comprehend that someone’s heart is stopped, and you should preserve compressions as long as you could till first responders arrive.

If you’re no longer CPR educated, SSM Health officers encouraged accomplishing out to your nearby EMS. They also stated the app maintains users completely nameless.

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