A new document has claimed Apple continues to be seeking to combine apps.

We’ve heard this earlier than, but now, Bloomberg is throwing its hat within the ring, claiming Apple is planning to combine apps made for iPhone, iPad, and Mac by way of 2021. Apple will reportedly allow builders to create an unmarried app, or a single binary, in order to paintings throughout iOS and MacOS. Apple already hinted at this attempt at WWDC 2018. And it has began launching variations of Home, Stocks, News, and Voice Memo for MacOS.

But a mixed widely wide-spread app an entire special beast. Bloomberg is, therefore, suggesting that Apple desires to gradually tackle this enormous challenge. App developers could be allowed to port their iPad apps to the Mac this yr with an incoming SDK, after which this may continue to iPhone apps in 2020, so the one’s apps can be delivered to macOS. This SDK, which has but to be unveiled, is supposed to appear at this yr’s WWDC.

Apple’s vision reminds us of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft has been pushing developers to make a single commonplace app for Windows phones, tablets, and PCs. Microsoft is even going for a single operating device, but Apple desires to keep iOS and macOS awesome.

Apple hasn’t officially introduced any of this but or even dates for WWDC 2019, however, the trendy reports imply it’ll kick off 3 June.