Scientists just mapped the great white shark’s genome, revealing clues that may help us heal wounds and fight cancer

1. Scientists have effectively sequenced the entire genome of the high-quality white shark. 2. Sharks have swum inside the planet’s oceans for the final four hundred million years. Some experts trust their species-extensive longevity stems from a resistance to sicknesses like most cancers and capacity to heal fast. 3. By deciphering the shark’s genome, scientists […]

NASA firms up plans to send a crewed spacecraft to Mars

Scientists are developing a manned mission to Mars.anticipate conflicts and communication breakdowns among crew members and head off problems that could make or break the US space agency’s future manned mission to Mars. NASA has formalized plans to send a crewed spacecraft to Mars, a journey that could involve 250 million miles of travel, said […]

Why do zebras have stripes? They make bad landing strips for flies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Scientists are supplying new evidence to reply the longstanding query approximately why zebras have stripes. It appears stripes make horrible landing strips, bamboozling the fierce blood-sucking flies that attempt to ceremonial dinner on zebras and bring lethal diseases. Researchers on Wednesday defined experiments demonstrating that horse flies have a tough time touchdown […]

Neanderthals Were Alpha Predators, Study Shows

The Neanderthal predilection for meat was strongly suspected; now a molecular study suggests similarities to wolves Neanderthals subsisted especially on meat, it has long been suspected, but no longer categorically demonstrated. Now, a brand new examine published Monday in PNAS provides molecular aid for the principle in their carnivorous predilection. It even postulates that Neanderthals […]

Life quickly finds a way: the surprisingly swift end to evolution’s big bang

The Cambrian explosion greater than 500 million years ago is frequently taken into consideration biology’s “large bang”. Virtually all the predominant kinds of animals evolved in lifestyles best ever burst of evolution, swiftly populating an unusual and biologically sparse planet with the entirety from jellyfish to vertebrates, and turning it into the Earth we understand […]