Compology, the premiere digital camera-primarily based dumpster tracking company, can now without delay combine it is field data immediately into any waste ERP, accounting or dispatch software via their newly evolved Compology API.

“We’ve constantly approached our product services from the viewpoint of the consumer, ensuring that we’re handing over the fee our clients want to function greater efficaciously,” says Ben Chehebar, Chief Product Officer at Compology. “While our software is exceptionally intuitive and provides dumpster information in a way that makes it incredibly actionable, we comprehend that a few customers have already constructed processes around their proprietary or other third-party software.

“We need to accommodate all of our customers and future clients who locate price in our entire dumpster facts imparting. That’s why we’ve got increased our product line to provide software integration functionality through our API, making our statistics to be had outdoor of the Compology app for the first time.”

According to Cosmology, the corporation constructed their integration functionality that allows you to provide customers, whether or not a small to mid-size business that wants to grow rapidly, or a complex agency, the benefits of increasing productivity without trouble, controlling overhead expenses and giving full get entry to statistics for less difficult customization.


The benefits of this form of integration are as follows:

● Get a consolidated view of operations: Integration facilitates keep time and sources by consolidating necessary information all into one location, ensuring operations are walking as efficiently as possible.
● Avoid significantly modifying processes: With processes already in the area, integration allows limit the volume to which the operations of the one need to be changed and reduces the chance for a brand new rent or extensive education for brand spanking new software program expertise.
● Gain extra manage over facts: Access to the API also offers users direct access to uncooked statistics. Access to these facts lets in for custom designed reports and statistics-pushed analysis. Additionally, get right of entry to uncooked records makes it less difficult to proportion custom datasets go-functionally or with outside stakeholders.

Compology says they’re already working with customers such as Next Day Dumpster, RecyclSmart and Waste Management, and are included with software program along with AMCS, ScrapRunner, CRO and SAP.

Watch the video beneath for extra from Compology’s Chief Product Officer on the choice to offer software integration.

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