Logitech dropped its first iPad Pro keyboard, Toshiba rebranded and is making a return, and in information that has not anything to do with April Fools’ Day, Google says the Play Store is greater comfortable than ever. Let’s get to it!

Apple News: Logitech’s New iPad Pro Keyboard Looks Pretty Hot

Also, the iPad Mini five got the respectable iFixit teardown remedy, and its innards are all new.

Logitech’s new iPad Pro keyboard avoids the clever connector and opts for Bluetooth LE. But it’s pretty and less expensive than Apple’s professional keyboard, and in all likelihood feels remarkable. [The Verge]
iFixit broke out the tools and took apart the iPad Mini five. While it seems the identical at the outdoor, it has all new guts.

Cloudflare is bringing a brand new VPN service called Warp to iOS.

The iPad Pro is a thrilling product. It’s located to be a greater power than the iPad (which is sincerely pretty powerful on its personal) however nonetheless no longer pretty a laptop. It’s now not a true Surface Pro competitor both. It’s sort of all on its personnel; doing its very own element. There certainly isn’t a product that competes with it.

I had high hopes for the Google Pixel Slate as a real iPad Pro competitor— a product that had the chops to be a powerful laptop, however, nonetheless kept the simplicity that makes a tablet so extraordinary. Turns out that’s no longer the case and it’s a bomb of a product. Go, parent.

So because it stands, the iPad Pro continues to be on a realm all its own. More effective than an everyday tablet, no longer pretty as useful as a pc for maximum users.

Google News: A More Secure Play Store?

Plus safety updates for Pixel and Essential, a pretty terrible bug in Skype for Android, and grocery ordering from Google Assistant.

Google says the Play Store is more secure than ever earlier than. At the identical time, greater malware is being found at the Play Store each day. Kind of makes you wonder how bad it changed into before.

April safety updates are available now for Pixel and Essential telephones.

That identical replace additionally fixes the Pixel three’s ambient display worm.

Walmart is bringing it online grocery ordering carrier to Google Assistant later this yr. You’ll be able to mention “Hey Google, speak to Walmart” and upload things in your cart. Interesting.

Skype for Android had a malicious program that would robotically solution incoming calls despite the fact that the “robotically solution incoming calls” option become disabled. The accurate information is that a repair is already rolling out.

If you’re interested in an Android build that’s focused on security, take a look at out GrapheneOS. It’s a new task from the lead developer of CopperheadOS, every other safety-focused Android fork.
Over the weekend, Motherboard posted a piece about a new kind of government malware observed on the Play Store. Now, Google is announcing the Play Store is greater comfortable than ever.

I’m inclined to accept as true with Google’s take here, timing is damned. I’m positive Google Play Protect is doing its activity and getting higher at it every day. The problem is that Android is extra popular than ever and might-be attackers realize it. So even as security is tighter, there are greater attacks than ever before. And make no mistake right here—attackers are clever. New styles of malware are showing up all of the time; matters that Play Protect doesn’t but recognize to search for.

But those types of attacks and malicious apps are also in part what makes Play Protect higher. A new form of malware “teaches” Play Protect a brand new trick. Then another new type is released. Rinse, repeat.

When it comes all the way down to it, however, I firmly consider that Android is a comfy running machine and doesn’t have a malware difficulty. These aspect instances are regularly pointed out and even highlighted through the media, but they’re just that: side cases. As lengthy as you perform a little due diligence when installing things, you’ll be best.

Other News: Toshiba’s Rebrand and Return to the Consumer Laptop Market

Plus malware in pirated Game of Thrones downloads and Sony’s new refund coverage for pre-ordered PlayStation video games.

Toshiba disappeared from the client computer marketplace for some time, however now it’s rebranding its patron line as Dynabook and launching a gaggle of new machines.

In what must be a wonder to no person, a bunch of pirated downloads of Game of Thrones was observed to comprise malware. Also, don’t pirate matters.

Sony these days up to date its PlayStation refund coverage to include pre-ordered video games. As long as you haven’t downloaded it but, you could get your money again.

Verizon announced a “Just Kids” plan nowadays with parental controls, 5GB of data, and clever family functions.

So let’s speak about this Toshiba factor. Back in 2015, the organization was hit with a $1.2 billion lawsuit that left the agency suffering. But closing yr it finalized an eighty.1 percentage sale of its PC commercial enterprise to Sharp. So now Sharp essentially owns Toshiba’s PC enterprise, however, it doesn’t seem to have changed whatever. So really, it’s still Toshiba. But it’s additionally Sharp.

To keep away from confusion and create a new name for itself, the brand new PCs are being launched beneath a brand new emblem: Dynabook. According to Gizmodo, Dynabook will nevertheless honor Toshiba warranties, which makes the experience as it’s the identical agency.

In truth, the new laptops look lots like vintage Toshiba laptops. Looks like not anything in reality changed within the company’s three years out of the USA marketplace—it’s going to launch the same tired hardware with a brand new call.

To research greater approximately Dynabook, head right here (that is hilariously discovered at us.Toshiba.Com). Also, does “Dynabook” sound like a reasonably-priced knock-off brand to everyone else?

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