Over the beyond few months, Econet has been aggressively entering into some of one of a kind fields; fitness, transport, and media. The respective launches of Maisha (or Ada), Kwese iflix, Vaya and Yo Mix all have some similarity. All these offerings are app-based which means that unlike EcoFarmer or EcoCash which might be predominantly USSD offerings, Econet is concentrated on the app market with these offerings.

The agent way

When Econet launches any product they make a number of noise about that product and in reality, we have to have predicted a similar method with the aforementioned apps. Econet has marketers that spark off people to download those 4 apps. You’ve possibly met them in some unspecified time in the future, e-book-in-hand asking you if you understand about any of the above utility and whether or not you’ve established it. If you don’t, they college you for some seconds and tell you why you want the apps for your life. If you do determine to download the software(s) your name may be taken down within the agent’s pocketbook. This looks as if a quite green manner for Econet to ramp up their installation numbers while agents can also make some money for the brand new clients they are bringing on board. It all sounds first-rate however that’s not to mention it’s a fit made in heaven. We will communicate approximately the hassle with this method in a while.

The promotions…

The other route Econet has taken to boom their install base is through promotions. There’s the currently introduced the Vaya Million Dollar Promotion. There became a comparable promoting for Kwese-iflix, remaining yr as properly. Obviously, in case you tell human beings that they stand to win something after they download your app and sign in, they’ll do precisely that. It’s just like gambling the lotto and the desire of the rewards is enough to lure players. This method will absolute confidence growth the person installation base however I’m now not too positive the way it bodes for person retention.

The blessings of these methods

Using marketers is outstanding due to the fact those marketers act as the salesperson familiarising the general public with the benefits of using these apps. For a few folks that knew that these apps existed, however, didn’t genuinely apprehend how they labored there’s a hazard of capacity conversion and the desire is once the application has been mounted customers will now recognize a way to use and there’s less of gaining knowledge of curve.

The promoting approach also has its personal blessings and if we take a look at Vaya’s maximum recent promotion we will see a few blessings. First of all, many folks who hadn’t mounted the software will do so due to the fact they need to win something and secondly due to the fact you have to take a ride to stand a chance to win, the new installs are compelled to discover ways to use the application and you then get direct revenue once they do. It’s a pretty great manner for people to enjoy your provider and also come up with their money. The equal element applies to the Kwese iflix promotions which caused people to shop for bundles and stand a hazard to win. The installation numbers type of back this up as nicely. In November Vaya had over 5 000 installations on Google Play and now that wide variety has doubled and that they have over 10 000.

The problems with both techniques

If there’s one aspect I’m not keen on the subject of dealers is that due to the fact the agents receive a commission for the variety of human beings they get to install the apps, the guys may additionally let you know something it takes to install the utility. A colleague of mine changed into lately knowledgeable that the Yo Mix app works irrespective of age, which isn’t genuine. Maybe the agent wasn’t outright lying to him and maybe they didn’t recognize about the age restriction however either way if my colleague had long gone directly to download an app that wouldn’t work for them.

The handiest hassle I even have with the promotions is that it’s tough to at ease repeat clients through this channel. We’ve seen it before with the OneFusion promoting and the impact tweaking it had on NetOne’s subscriber base and the structuring of the Vaya Million Dollar is kind of comparable. How many Vaya clients will maintain taking government rides when the Million Dollar Promotion is over and that they haven’t won anything? Of direction, there are some customers who will remain when they have experienced your carrier however how a lot of them will absolutely hold using the utility after the promoting? It’s hard to tell.

Among the blessings, I pointed out the doubling of installs that Vaya has done when you consider that November, but even that is hard to quantify. In November, Hwindi just like Vaya had over five 000 downloads and now their app web page also says they have got over 10 000 downloads. This method they’ve successfully doubled their deploy base without the need for promotions or hiring bodily retailers to persuade people to install their apps. It’s a slippery slope however judging on look alone, Hwindi would possibly have the upper hand due to the fact their acquisitions are more natural.