Google has introduced its first strong update release for Flutter at some stage in MWC 2019. Dubbed Flutter 1.2, it focuses on improving balance, overall performance, and best while additionally adding a few new functions.

As with many tasks, getting to V1. Zero is a key milestone — then comes time to mirror and spot what’s subsequent. Post V1. Zero, Google centered on solving some of the technical debt and clearing its backlog of pull requests, all whilst enhancing performance and fine. There is a detailed listing of the modifications within the Flutter wiki for folks who are inquisitive about the specifics.

Since Flutter is move-platform, Google persevered to make upgrades to both the Material and Cupertino widget sets, in its efforts for pixel-perfect fidelity on iOS. This includes assist for floating cursor textual content editing, as well as showing endured attention to minor info like updating the manner the text modifying cursor is drawn on iOS, for a faithful illustration of the animation and portray order. Google also delivered aid for a broader set of animation easing functions, plus it brought a guide for brand spanking new keyboard occasions and mouse hover support.

New capabilities

Flutter 1.2 has introduced preliminary assist for in-app purchases. Plus, because of a pull request contributed by a developer from Intuit, there is no help for Android App Bundles, a new packaging format that facilitates in lowering app length and enables new functions like dynamic delivery for Android apps.

The cutting-edge Flutter version additionally consists of the Dart 2.2 SDK, an replace that brings full-size overall performance upgrades to compiled code in conjunction with new language assist for affirming units.

Alongside Flutter 1.2, Google is previewing a brand new internet-based suite of programming tools to assist Flutter builders to debug and examine their apps. Called Dart DevTools, it consists of tooling for debugging and examining each Dart and Flutter applications. Dart DevTools is now available for setting up along the extensions and add-ins for Visual Studio Code and Android Studio, and gives some of the abilities:

A widget inspector, which enables visualization and exploration of the tree hierarchy that Flutter uses for rendering;
A timeline view that helps you diagnose your software at a body-via-body stage, figuring out rendering and computational work which could purpose animation ‘jank’ on your apps;
A full supply-stage debugger that helps you to step via code set breakpoints and investigate the call stack;
A logging view that suggests pastime you log from your utility in addition to community, framework and rubbish series occasions.

Flutter Create: what are you able to do with 5K of Dart?

Google has additionally launched Flutter Create, a competition that demanding situations participants to build something interesting, inspiring, and beautiful with Flutter the use of 5K or less of Dart code. 5K isn’t a lot but Google is laying down the gauntlet to see what human beings can gain in Flutter with this sort of small amount of code.

The contest runs until April 7. The top prize is a totally-loaded iMac Pro developer notebook with a 14-center processor and 128GB of memory this is worth over $10,000! The winners will be announced at Google I/O 2019.


If you are wondering what passed off to Flutter V1.1, Google used the V1.1 release as a beta launch and topped it V1.2 for the stable launch. Google is eager to develop Flutter past cellular systems. At Flutter Live, Google announced mission “Hummingbird”, which brings Flutter to the web. Google is likewise running to convey Flutter to computing device-class gadgets, which is why it added the brand new keyboard events and mouse hover aid. You can discover extra about the work to convey Flutter to Windows, macOS, and Linux on the Flutter Desktop Embedding venture.