Each week, I get hold of tons of questions from my listeners approximately tech concerns, new products, and all things digital.

Sometimes, selecting the most interesting inquiries to spotlight is the nice a part of my activity.

This week, I received questions about GPS stalkers, lethal cellular phones, upgrading Apple’s macOS and greater.

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Cell phone risks

Q: Can you settle an argument among my wife and me? Do cell phones purpose mind cancer? I say sure; she says I’m crazy.

A: There has been a substantial rise in mobile telephone use, and there may be a substantial upward push in the diagnosis of mind tumors. So is there a connection? If you have ever taken a stats course, you recognize the distinction among “causation” and “correlation.” None of the research recommends which you should worry approximately mobile phones causing peculiar growths to your body.

That stated, gazing a screen for hours on stop could have its consequences, and essential neurologists were vital of phones’ long-term effect in your eyes and brain functions. As always, moderation is prime. The BBC currently aired “Truth or Scare” approximately the cellphone use most cancers controversy that you can research greater about at my website.

Incognito explained

Q: Can you give an explanation for the incognito mode to me, and does it certainly paintings? Can I surf the net privately?

A: With a name like “incognito,” you will suppose that this mode could shield you from whatever. Many people make this mistake, thinking that “incognito” is a few cloaking devices that protect you from any watchful eyes at the net.

Let’s be clear: incognito mode is very constrained. Your browser won’t keep tune of the web sites you go to, so if a person else makes use of the same computer, your search records are completely non-public; in any other case, any internet site is trackable to your IP deal with.

Since “incognito” is mainly a Google Chrome time period, remember the fact that different browsers with comparable abilities are limited in an identical way. But this is starting to change; a way to update to Chrome 74, customers can finally search the net without feeling as uncovered to internet carriers and hackers. Tap or click here to find out a way to set up this vital replace.

Secret GPS trackers

Q: I see these excessive-tech things on crime suggests that assist you to discover GPS trackers in motors. Does this exist? I think my ex may additionally have placed one on my car.

A: Yes, they exist. Before you panic, think about why a GPS tracker is beneficial: Some oldsters use them for pets that generally tend to stray. Others use them for automobiles in excessive-robbery areas. These devices are convenient, in case you’re the usage of them for wholesome purposes, and they allow you to hold tune of possessions you care about.

However, GPS trackers are a lot like covert safety cameras, because stalkers and creeps can without difficulty use them. You can use an RF detector to scan your vehicle but first, do a visible sweep. They’re usually mounted in your car with tape or a magnet, so that you’ll want to do a radical search of the outdoors and interior of your vehicle – in addition to purses, wallet, and anything else that could keep a tool the size of an ink cartridge.

Poor man’s Photoshop

Q: I even have a gaggle of digital family pix I need to percentage with my nieces and nephews, however, I need to edit them first. Is there a terrible guy’s version of Photoshop or something similar?

A: First, Photoshop is a fantastic product, and continually has been. Adobe is the reigning champion of layout software, and photographers really can’t find a good deal higher than Photoshop. But it’s also steeply-priced, complicated, and hard to grasp. For own family photos and powerful editing options, there are rankings of different packages which can do the entirety you want.

Photos, as an example, which comes free on every Mac could be very powerful. But in case your tired of remedial filters and patches, GIMP is a stunning Photoshop rival. Need to create collages, erase eyesores or maybe add special effects, GIMP can try this – and it’s unfastened.

Upgrade macOS

Q: I’m a newer Mac consumer, and I preserve getting a pop-up on my computer telling me to upgrade to something known as Mojave. What is that this and need to I update?

A: Apple is the master of cool names for its running systems: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra – and as of 2018, the Mojave running device. None of these names method whatever, but they’re a popular way to distinguish one model of macOS from some other.

In brief, sure, you need to clearly upgrade your macOS, mainly if your laptop is telling you to do it. That stated, in case your computer is 4 years or older, you can no longer be capable of improvement, and you must keep in mind traveling your Apple save to study your options. Also, upgrading is less approximately functionality (some updates may additionally power you loopy), and extra approximate security.