That occurs whilst you’re working at the back of the scene with French President Emmanuel Macron and also you suddenly come to be a minister? This is what’s taking place to Cédric O this week, who changed into appointed Minister for the Digital Economy on Sunday. I turned into the first journalist to interview him after his appointment.

While Cédric O has been speaking with the French tech environment for years, he commonly stays far from cameras and microphones. At the Elysée, he changed into in price of France’s stakes in companies and tech in the standard. I wrote approximately a few of the things he’s been running on.

He invited 50 tech CEOs to meet with Emmanuel Macron and speak about “tech for accurate.” He invited dozens of challenge capitalists and restricted companions to Paris to persuade them to invest more inside the French tech environment. He convinced Facebook to allow French regulators to investigate on moderation tactics. And yet, you may locate his call everywhere.

Now that he’s underneath the spotlight, the general public parent of all things technology, it’s important to apprehend his views. Tech law goes to be a cornerstone of the economy and the fabric of society — and he has robust emotions about it.

Regulating massive tech

For a few reasons, the maximum of our communique ended up being approximately regulating tech groups. On this subject matter, Cédric O has a subtle stance that entails cooperation among European countries, a clear regulatory framework and a new sort of regulator. He doesn’t always want to break them up.

“Platforms need to enforce the regulation in one way or every other. And I absolutely trust Mark Zuckerberg’s op-ed,” Cédric O informed me. “Platforms shouldn’t write laws approximately what’s prison or not. However, they may be responsible when it comes to imposing law and getting consequences.”

According to him, Zuckerberg shouldn’t write legal guidelines and French regulators shouldn’t focus on content. It should all be about moderating techniques.

“It’s much like banking regulators. They check that banks have implemented structures which might be green and that they audit the one’s systems. I assume that’s how we have to reflect on consideration on it.”

And he additionally says that it isn’t (just) about deleting content. Social networks must additionally ensure that they don’t delete content that isn’t supposed to be deleted.

In an excellent global, Cédric O thinks there needs to be a relevant repository in order that social networks can query the reputation of a particular post.

“For example, when Marine Le Pen publishes a video of an ISIS slaughter, there ought to be a repository that isn’t always managed via a public management. Platforms ought to question that repository and get status in no time,” Cédric O stated.

You should consider a neutral repository constructed by using more than one platforms. Of route, that wouldn’t resolve all of the troubles we’ve got visible with the Christchurch terrorist assault. Many human beings re-uploaded the stay circulation with slight edits so that it wouldn’t be detected as a duplicate.

When it involves French regulators, Cédric O says that not anything is set in stone yet. The CSA ought to benefit a few new obligations or the ARCEP, or maybe a couple of regulators may want to paintings collectively. And it’s uncertain where the HADOPI could suit in all of this. Eventually, the French authorities want to improve law at a European degree.

In all cases, Cédric O doesn’t need to rush matters. Before imposing a brand new regulatory framework, the government desires to understand how social networks moderate content. French regulators have labored with Facebook to understand how Facebook’s procedures work. The very last record is coming soon.

Reaching new highs

Over the past few weeks, a handful of French startups have raised mega–rounds of investment, once in a while attaining unicorn repute. This shouldn’t come as wonder if you’ve been following the French tech atmosphere over time. But Cédric O thinks he wishes to improve the photograph of the tech industry in France because it has an awful recognition.

“The first question I received [at the parliament] changed into about digital inclusion. They had been blaming the French tech with something I pay attention lots: ‘Startups are best but it’s now not real life,’ ” Cédric O stated in a speech at La French Tech in Paris.

“There’s one issue we need to alternate and it’s going to be my message for the approaching days — the French tech environment is critical. If we want our youngsters, our grandchildren to get jobs, we are able to do it without startups.”

Depending on the examine, France and the U.K. Are combating to be the primary European country in terms of the number of VC offers and the overall amount of cash raised. France also has some of the exceptional engineering schools in the world. Evidence of this lies in all of the French facts scientists and AI specialists who paintings in a number of the most important tech corporations in Silicon Valley.

But in case you take a look at French public corporations, the general public of them had been created manner earlier than the net and personal computers.

“[At the Elysée], I become a lot greater involved for France’s stakes in huge groups than startups,” Cédric O stated. Over the morning, he saved repeating the identical wide variety. “Nearly 50 percent of internet process creations within the U.S. Are associated with the tech industry.”

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