A pal got here to my many years in the past and instructed me he became uninterested with his iPhone. This was lower back within the days earlier than Apple relented and in the end, launched new iPhone models with larger displays, and he becomes uninterested in seeing human beings with high-quality large smartphone screens while he became squinting at his tiny 4-inch iPhone display. We sat down and spent hours discussing which features have been maximum essential to him, after which going over all of the distinctive Android-powered alternatives he had that could exceptionally accommodate his listing of wishes. We ended up a touchdown on a graceful HTC flagship cellphone and he went out the following day to shop for one.

When I messaged him some days later to look at how things had been going together with his new Android phone, I observed something extraordinary: my message was nonetheless delivered thru iMessage. He fast replied, telling me that he had ditched his HTC phone and switched returned to the iPhone after just three days. When I asked him why his reaction became succinct however it truly spoke volumes: “I can’t live lifestyles as an inexperienced bubble.”

Apple first released iMessage along iOS 5 returned in 2011, and I’m no longer sure employer professionals completely understood how a great deal price the provider could become having to its enterprise. It started existence as a rather easy messaging carrier that existed in harmony with SMS in the Messages app on iOS devices. It turned into a kind of modernization of the BBM service humans used to love so much on their BlackBerry telephones, but it changed into simpler and unified. Could Apple have recognized that so many humans could come to be locked into the corporation’s atmosphere down the road, genuinely due to the fact they couldn’t undergo to lose iMessage?

People had been begging Apple for years to launch an iMessage app for Android, and there’s surely no technical purpose that might be preventing the business enterprise from doing so. That said, it’s never going to manifest. Apple makes the lion’s share of its cash selling hardware, and it’s not going to do anything that might make contributions to a decline in iPhone sales. That’s why 1/3-birthday celebration developers were running for a goodbye to find a usable manner to carry iMessage to Android, however, they’ve all failed… till now. And what’s greater is that this trendy try to bring iMessage capability to Android isn’t simply usable, we might move as far as to call it stylish.

AirMessage is a -part solution that brings all of Apple’s middle iMessage features to Android. It’s a -part solution wherein one element is a server app that runs for your Mac pc, and the second one element is the Android app that brings iMessage to your Android smartphone. That glaringly manner you want a Mac for the answer to paintings, and your pc has to stay on and wide awake as a way to relay iMessages to and from your cellphone. But it also method that the solution is secure, and no messages ever bypass via third-birthday celebration servers. Here’s a note on safety from the AirMessage developer’s put up on Reddit:

Privacy needs to be proper, no longer a privilege. That’s why I’m proud that AirMessage leverages 0 1/3-celebration offerings for sending your messages. Never do your messages go away the cozy, encrypted tunnel among your laptop and your phone, besides to be despatched to iMessage.

There’s an installation guide at the AirMessage website that walks you thru the whole thing that desires to be carried out so as for AirMessage to a characteristic. There are some steps concerned, but it’s sincerely no longer that complicated. First, you have to deploy the server app in your Mac, they you have to installation port forwarding to your router. Once that’s executed, you just deploy the app on your Android telephones and also you’re performed.

AirMessage simply exited the beta phase and is now to be had to absolutely everyone and anyone. Oh, and did we point out that it’s completely free? Head over to the AirMessage website to get began.

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