Mi Soundbar is priced at Rs. 4,999 in India

The Mi Soundbar doesn’t deliver with a far off

It is properly tuned for TV sound and makes dialogues sound loud & clear

Modern TVs are constantly enhancing with regards to photo great, and even lower priced options in recent times offer sharp 4K screens, smart connectivity, and extra features inclusive of HDR and a couple of ports for various supply gadgets. However, sound satisfactory on TVs hasn’t improved as speedy as photo high-quality, and the result is that the audio experience with many new TVs is disappointing.

The approach to vulnerable sound is, of course, an outside audio gadget of some type. This could be a simple pair of speakers, a multi-channel speaker bundle, headphones, or a soundbar. While a respectable multi-channel speaker package is frequently the high-quality alternative for sound first-class, it involves complicated installation and excessive price. In such cases, a soundbar is probably a better choice.

Soundbars come for a wide range of expenses, with among the famous options costing extra than Rs. 10,000. The Xiaomi Mi Soundbar stands out in the budget section, largely due to its Rs. 4,999 rate tag. There’s plenty on offer, with the soundbar promising a big improvement on your TV’s audio. We review the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar to discover if advanced audio is certainly just a few thousand rupees away.

Mi Soundbar layout and specifications

Despite its low price, the Mi Soundbar assessments most of the boxes for a proper soundbar. It has eight drivers spread across the 83cm duration of the unit. The Mi Soundbar has tweeters, extensive-range drivers, and four passive radiators coping with distinctive parts of the sonic frequency range. It has a cloth cowl over the front that hides the drivers. There aren’t any sharp edges and rounded corners all around the speaker. The controls may be discovered at the top, while the back has the inputs and energy switch.

The Mi Soundbar helps Bluetooth four.2, and its physical inputs include optical as well as coaxial S/PDIF, stereo RCA line in connectors, and a three.5mm socket. It has a frequency reaction variety of fifty-25,000Hz.

You can wall-mount the soundbar, and the proper screws and plugs for this are protected in the field. There is not any extra subwoofer unit, as the passive radiators offer the bass output. The Mi Soundbar appears top and feels strong sufficient, even though it could be best to have had a few coloration options. Furthermore, the soundbar is relatively tall, and whilst positioned on a desk in the front of a TV, it might block its IR receiver or a part of the display screen. You’ll place a chunk of effort into positioning it to avoid this.

The biggest flaw of the Mi Soundbar is its lack of a far off. This way that you want to physically stand up to modify its controls, inclusive of strength, volume and source choice. All of those are things you may need to trade at the same time as you’re watching something from the consolation of your sofa. While the low charge does provide a few explanations for why there is not a far off, that does not dispose of from the want for one on a device like this. There are methods to paintings around this — we’ll get into that later — but it is nevertheless an inconvenience that can be not noted. We would not have minded at the least the option to pay some hundred rupees extra for a remote.

Operating the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar is simple sufficient — the power switch on the again turns it on with the final-used source decided on. If you are the use of the soundbar generally with an unmarried source consisting of your TV and might use your TV’s remote to control the extent, the only element you need to get up to do is flip it on and rancid.

In our case, we had the soundbar linked to the TV the usage of its line-in sockets; this allowed us to control the volume with the TV’s far off. Having set the quantity of the soundbar at an inexpensive mid factor, we would then alter the extent the usage of the TV’s remote; this also worked while we linked it over Bluetooth.

Oddly, the simplest cable covered in the income bundle is an optical S/PDIF cable, which allowed our TV to output audio via each the soundbar in addition to its in-constructed speaker. However, extent adjustments aren’t possible through the TV remote whilst the usage of S/PDIF, and this was when we definitely felt the lack of a faraway. If you do purchase the Mi Soundbar, be prepared to spend a bit more on aftermarket cables for the great revel in.

Switching to the supply you need is straightforward; you just ought to press the button for everyone on the top of the soundbar, and a small indicator light above it’ll display that it is now energetic. With Bluetooth, there is a major setback at the Mi Soundbar — the device can most effective consider one Bluetooth device at a time. This can be a problem if you have your TV connected to the soundbar over Bluetooth, and additionally, want to apply it often to play a track out of your cellphone.

Mi Soundbar overall performance

Soundbars are meant to offer you an upgrade over the sound output of your TV, and whether or not the Mi Soundbar can try this changed into the large question we had to answer with this overview. Indeed, the Mi Soundbar did achieve enhancing sound nice, and it did so nicely sufficient to justify spending Rs. Four,999.

The largest development for us got here within the volume; the Mi Soundbar turned into audibly louder than what we might count on from most TVs, which have a rated output of around 20W. Furthermore, the front-firing drivers of the soundbar and using eight wonderful drivers had a wonderful effect at the sound pleasant.

The tuning of the soundbar is geared for ordinary TV viewing; the mid-variety is as described because the lows and highs, and this guarantees that you could listen to voices truly. Voices did generally tend to sound a bit sharp, specially excessive-pitched ones, however, in standard, we had been able to extraordinarily and definitely pay attention talk and vocals in song better on the Mi Soundbar than through the TV’s audio system. Watching sitcoms inclusive of The Big Bang Theory that largely rely on talk was fun as soon as we got used to the mild sharpness in the audio.

The Mi Soundbar has four passive radiators which do to a degree make up for the dearth of a subwoofer. While bass and low-end rumble are not quite as proper as on extra steeply-priced soundbars consisting of the JBL SB250, the difference in excellent is completely forgivable considering the price. Action and mystery suggest on Netflix together with The Umbrella Academy and Nightflyers, which rely on sturdy bass and deep, ominous heritage music for dramatic impact, sounded desirable enough at the Mi Soundbar.

Turning the extent up too high had a destructive impact on sound first-class, causing a fair amount of distortion within the mids and highs. The Mi Soundbar changed into pleasant used at reasonable volumes in our revel in, in which sound fine benefited from using the more than one drivers.

Additionally, the soundstage changed into wide, in comparison to normal Bluetooth speakers, merely due to the period of this tool and its a couple of drivers. However, as compared to different soundbars that are usually designed to task audio broadly, the Mi Soundbar felt a chunk narrow in its soundstage.

The Mi Soundbar can also be used fortune via any of its inputs, although this isn’t quite what the device is meant for use for. Music can sound a bit awkward because of the tuning, which emphasizes the low-give up and mid-range. It is probably first-class for occasional use, but the soundbar worked best for us whilst used with a TV.


Xiaomi merchandise has robust pricing as a commonplace USP, and the Chinese company has managed to undercut its competition across the cellphone, TV, health, clever domestic, and lifestyle categories. The business enterprise’s first domestic audio product, the Mi Soundbar, sticks to this aggressive pricing version to good effect. Indeed, you would be difficult-pressed to find a decent soundbar for even twice the charge of the Mi Soundbar.

There are some great cons to this product even though, which include the lack of a faraway, the inability to don’t forget more than one paired Bluetooth device, and best an S/PDIF cable being covered within the sales package deal. However, Rs. Four,999 price tag makes these troubles experience minor, and the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar continues to be truly well worth it for anybody searching out an access-stage soundbar. If you do have better finance, alternatives with Dolby tuning or dedicated subwoofers might be well worth considering over the Mi Soundbar.

Turning the quantity up too excessive had an adverse effect on sound first-class, inflicting a fair quantity of distortion inside the mids and highs. The Mi Soundbar become excellent used at affordable volumes in our enjoyment, in which sound fine benefited from the use of the more than one drivers.

Additionally, the soundstage changed into extensive, as compared to normal Bluetooth speakers, simply due to the length of this tool and its a couple of drivers. However, in comparison to other soundbars which are commonly designed to assignment audio widely, the Mi Soundbar felt a bit narrow in its soundstage.

The Mi Soundbar can also be used fortune thru any of its inputs, although this is not pretty what the tool is meant for use for. Music can sound a bit awkward because of the tuning, which emphasizes the low-end and mid-variety. It might be pleasant for occasional use, however, the soundbar labored best for us when used with a TV.


Xiaomi products have sturdy pricing as a common USP, and the Chinese business enterprise has managed to undercut its competition throughout the phone, TV, fitness, smart home, and lifestyle categories. The business enterprise’s first home audio product, the Mi Soundbar, sticks to this competitive pricing version to top effect. Indeed, you’ll be difficult-pressed to discover a decent soundbar for even twice the charge of the Mi Soundbar.

There are a few extensive cons to this product though, along with the shortage of a far-flung, the lack of ability to bear in mind a couple of paired Bluetooth tool, and only an S/PDIF cable being protected within the sales package. However, Rs. 4,999 charge tag makes these troubles feel minor, and the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar remains genuinely worth it for everybody seeking out an entry-degree soundbar. If you do have higher finance, alternatives with Dolby tuning or dedicated subwoofers would be really worth thinking about over the Mi Soundbar.

Price: Rs. Four,999


Well tuned for TV sound
Easy to installation and use
Dialogues sound loud and clean


No far off
Only one Bluetooth tool can be remembered at a time
Only S/PDIF cable covered within the container

Ratings (out of 5):

Design: three.Five
Audio best: 3
Value for money: 4.Five
Overall: 3.5