We knew from the start that the Nvidia GeForce MX2xx series could be easy rebrands of the prevailing MX1xx Pascal collection. Now that the primary laptops with MX250 GPUs are out within the wild, we’re in a position to check exactly how tons faster the MX250 can be while in comparison to the popular MX150.

Long tale quick, the outcomes are unsurprising if now not disappointing. Our first in-residence MX250 pc again a 3DMark 11 Graphics rating of simply 4655 factors compared to 4219 factors from a mean MX150 pc. This represents an uncooked performance enhance of just 10.3 percent.

Worse yet, the overall performance delta appears to shrink whilst going for walks titles at local 1080p or with DX12 enabled. Our MX250 computer returns Fire Strike and Time Spy Graphics rankings of simply 3455 and 1050 points, respectively, to be inside 3 percent of a mean MX150.

Since the margins are so narrow, sure present MX150 laptops may even perform quicker than the MX250. The Razer Blade Stealth, for example, outscores our MX250 pc by means of 5 to 10 percent when running the identical 3DMark benchmarks.

Keep in mind that our comparisons here mirror best the Acer Aspire five A515-52G-721H with MX250 images. Performance is expected to vary between laptops equipped with the equal MX250 GPU similar to what we discovered on maximum MX150 laptops. We’ll have a clearer photograph of the MX250 once we sample greater laptops within the coming weeks to months.

A Max-Q model of the MX250 exists as nicely for even slower overall performance than what we’ve recorded here.

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