Behind each remarkable commercial enterprise is an exceptional story.

But in nowadays’s excessive-tech international, it could be smooth to forget how important the human element is.

In this week’s episode of RiverPitch, we welcomed back our 4 Victorian winners from episode 3, and get a deeper perception into what drove them to enter the challenging world of entrepreneurship.

In the last episode, they inspired their mentor, angel investor Sheona Devin, with an imaginative and prescient to exchange the world and the competencies to piece all of it collectively.

“You’ve were given four founders there who absolutely are portrayed their model of the future and being that exchange that they need to look inside the international, that’s admirable no matter what,” Sheona stated.

This week, they face a good bigger challenge by pitching to judges Andrew Johnson, Australian Computer Society (ACS) chief executive, ACS president Yohan Ramasundara and Siobhan Hayden, leader running officer of HashChing.

First up to the pitching level become Lucinda Hartley and Jessica Christiansen-Franks of Neighbourlytics, who has designed a platform to improve towns using social media analytics.

“I love doing what we’re doing because we are changing the sector. So without our statistics, assets developers and governments are just guessing at how much we as residents love the locations we stay or the places we work,” Jessica says.

Jessica and Lucinda explain that it’s all approximately growing better and more related neighborhoods.

“These are large issues that have an effect on humans’ mental well-being and fitness,” Jessica says.

“Loneliness is as probable to kill you as smoking and coronary heart disorder. You know this is big stuff.”

They say their biggest hassle is they have already got too many customers – now they’re searching out capital and greater exposure.

Next up is Tony Wu of Weploy who wants to help agencies to recruit a group of workers extra effortlessly and by means of removing racial bias.

“Growing up for me I’d usually been in a situation wherein, because of my historical past, I become given less of a choice,” says Tony.

Wu says his platform can recruit in seconds instead of days or weeks.

“The excellent thing is that one of the maximum commonplace portions of remarks that we receive nowadays after using it for the first time is that they’ll by no means use a recruitment agent again,” Tony tells the judges.

John Webster from Shiftiez is next to pitch.

He’s developed a platform designed to humanize shift work rosters to give personnel more work-lifestyles stability.

“My wife is a nurse, so she would regularly come domestically after night time duty and be dozing handiest to be woken up by means of her work trying to get her to paintings an afternoon shift. So that they had no visibility about the types of work that she did, when she final worked, what their fatigue planning was and even if she desired to paintings,” Webster explains.

“Studies show that giving personnel a say in their paintings existence balance leads to a happier group of workers with better throughput.”

Finally, Annie McAuley of Talkiplay grants her pitch.

Annie has developed software to help youngsters engage in language gaining knowledge of, a talent she for my part understands the demanding situations of.

The concept for her enterprise turned into driven with the aid of her personal non-public struggle to examine language skills after mind harm.

“It wasn’t easy to speak approximately that and additionally to accumulate a business at the same time. But I concept it became crucial for human beings to understand that I understand what it’s like for children getting to know the language. I recognize what it’s like to struggle,” she says.

With one in five children experiencing a language postpone, she says it can lead to terrible social talents, lower stages of training and negatively effect future process prospects.

With 4 pinnacle pitches, the judges have a difficult task on their hands in phrases of who to ship home.

“We idea we had some truly suitable groups last week from Brisbane and I assume you may have taken it to a new degree,” says Andrew Johnson tells the contestants.

Among the two that are maximum commercially prepared, the judges agree Neighbourlytics is a standout, followed with the aid of Weplay.

“I really appreciated Talkiplay however it’s far precise and I’m a touch bit worried approximately the amount of competition inside the recruitment space,” says Andrew.

After a brainstorm, the judges ultimately land on Neighbourlytics and Weploy to undergo to the next round.

Congratulations to our winners and live tuned for next week’s finalist episode!

With our six finalists heading into the finals subsequent week, the target market polls are now open.