Remember counting down till your -12 months smartphone plan changed into up so you’d be eligible for an improve? These days, you in all likelihood wait as long as feasible earlier than getting a new one.

The Why Axis Bug Mobile smartphone carrier vendors want you to alternate up each different 12 months, but a brand new survey from service Ting Mobile suggests that the 2-year telephone upgrade cycle is, for lots of us, a component of the past. Most people are actually conserving onto their phones for at the least 3 years, the survey found out.

Of the three,640 human beings Ting surveyed closing month, 47 percent stated that they had their last cellphone for three to 5 years earlier than upgrading, and any other eight percentage waited greater than five years. Thirty percent upgraded at the 2-yr mark, and 15 percent traded up after just twelve months or much less.

“After such a lot of years of human beings being pressured into upgrading to a new telephone whilst their antique smartphone became perfectly functional, it’s encouraging to peer that so many of our survey respondents are striking directly to their gadgets for longer,” Ting Mobile Content Director Andrew Moore-Crispin stated in a declaration. “People are greater conscious of such things as price and fundamental telephone functionality. They don’t care a lot approximately having the present day, coolest tech—something that may not be extremely good news for the huge manufacturers this 12 months.”

Just 10 percent of survey respondents said they ultimate upgraded their phone due to the fact they had to have a hot new model. On the opposite, 32 percent stated they upgraded due to the fact their previous phone wasn’t strolling as nicely as it had earlier than, and 23 percentage did so because their telephone turned into broken, damaged, or lost.