In this Lok Sabha election, new parties can cross tech-savvy because the EC has given you an array of new-age poll symbols for them to pick from.

New Delhi: With the virtual age well and truly upon us, the Election Commission of India, it seems, has decided to preserve up. The ballot body has provided you with an array of recent-age free election symbols that new parties can pick out from for the Lok Sabha elections.

These consist of a robot, a pc, a mouse, switchboard, computer, pen pressure, an hour-glass, tv faraway, CCTV camera and a toaster amongst others.

These unfastened election symbols can be selected with the aid of either new events, Independent candidates or parties that want to exchange their election symbols.

This year’s desire of symbols is in stark assessment to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when the EC had provided loose symbols including a nail cutter, a fuel range, chess board, and a blackboard.

Symbols hook up with human beings
EC officers told ThePrint that the symbols are chosen maintaining in thoughts things that human beings can relate to.

“When humans go out to vote they need to be able to narrate to things that they see in front of a candidate’s name. That way, you may say that the election symbols have advanced with time as in line with the converting aspirations and lifestyles of humans,” stated a senior officer within the fee.

“We have protected things which includes the pen pressure, a robot, switchboard, a mouse, laptop, which represent extra aspirational things,” the officer said. “Other symbols such as a farmer (ganna Kisan), a jackfruit and a kettle, which have a more customary attraction also are nonetheless there.”

Some 76 un-recognized parties have already been allotted some of the new unfastened symbols, consistent with the commission. These consist of parties such as the Kashmir Development Front (J&K), a new birthday celebration from the Valley that has chosen the pc as its symbol whilst another lesser-acknowledged party, the Karnataka Karmikara Paksha, which fights for the rights of laborers, has selected a bread toaster as its symbol.

Why events select a specific symbol

A wide variety of factors play a part in a celebration’s choice of an election symbol. Parties usually stick to symbols that reflect their ideas and core time table however additionally need to rely upon some luck in getting their desired symbol.

“We have chosen the slate as our election symbol because we desired an image associated with training to symbolize our party,” stated Naveen Kumar, national President of the newly mounted Bahujan Azaad Party, fashioned by IITians.

“The pc and the computer have been also to be had and they do constitute schooling however we selected the slate because we’re concentrated on the rural region and laptops would not make sense to humans there.”

Pramod Kumar Suman, a representative of the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP), which has the ceiling fan, as its election symbol informed ThePrint, “The ideological purpose at the back of selecting the symbol is that we wanted to be perceived as a celebration that might bring remedy to humans, just like a ceiling fan offers alleviation from heat.

“Once we took up the image and began triumphing with it, human beings started associating our birthday party with the image and now we want to stick to it.”

The forms of symbols

There are 3 kinds of ballot symbols allotted through the Election Commission — one for the countrywide events, that are fixed, which include the lotus for the Bharatiya Janata Party, the hand for the Congress, and the elephant for the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) among others.

For a party to be categorized as a countrywide birthday party, it must cozy as a minimum 6 in step with the cent of the valid votes in a meeting or a Lok Sabha election in 4 or greater states and win at the least four seats in a Lok Sabha election from any country. It has to additionally be known as a state birthday celebration in at least 4 states.

Fixed symbols also are allotted to local parties including the “broom” for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), plants and grass for the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal and the bicycle for the Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh.

For a party to be categorized as a kingdom party, it ought to at ease at least 6 consistent with a cent of the valid vote and win at the least two seats in a meeting election and one seat in the Lok Sabha election.

In case of a brand new political birthday celebration, it wishes to use to the EC and if it fulfills the minimum eligibility criterion, which is that of contesting at the least 10 according to cent of the seats, an image is allocated.